Food2Soil Program

Our programs make composting accessible and affordable for all San Diegans

NEIGHBORHOOD DROP-OFF HUBS: For individuals who may not have the time or space to compost on their own. Please see link for program information.

Two types of drop-off plans:

  • Subscription Plan: NO SETUP FEE. $15/month billed automatically on a quarterly basis to your credit card or ACH
    1. a fixed subscription based composting program for households who generate a steady volume of scraps each week and for those who want the convenience of dropping off in their neighborhood
  • Bucket Drop Plan: $10 INITIAL COST FOR STARTER KIT + ​​$5/bucket charged each time you drop off a bucket for composting
    1. a pay-per-use composting program for individuals who generate small amounts of scraps and for those who prefer consolidating their scraps so they have to make fewer dropoffs

For Businesses:

SCRAP PICKUP SERVICES: For businesses generating a minimum of 32 gallons of food scraps on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We only offer this service to business located in the City of San Diego and unincorporated areas of the county of San Diego

  • We’ll provide collection carts
  • We’ll pick them up every week
  • And cook some steaming compost

FULL SERVICE ONSITE COMPOSTING: For corporates and institutions who want to close the loop on their food waste by composting onsite

Designed to compost the vegetative kitchen scraps generated by the onsite kitchen or cafeteria



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