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In order to offer any type of material to B.W. Recycling, Inc we request photos.

In order to get the e-mail for the e-waste department the contact form has to be filled out. The type of material to be recycled must be specified on the form. See Website for form.

Once the form is filled out an e-mail will be sent with request for photos and more information. The photos should be e-mailed along with the approximate total of the weight of material to be recycled. For circuit boards we require photos of front and back of the board subject to be recycled. if it is a mixture of different type of boards we require a few photos of the actual boards to be recycled. We are becoming R2 certified soon., The procedure of how to offer us material for sell

B.W Recycling will recycle x-ray films.

For x-ray film less than 50 lbs (NO pick-up service):
Mail to: B.W. Recycling, Inc. 
2035 SW 31st Ave 
Pembroke Park, FL 33009 

For x-ray film more than 50 lbs:
Call 877-217-7020 to schedule a pick-up appointment

B.W. Recycling, Inc provides x-ray recycling services for old / outdated Medical Xray film, and end of life x-ray films of all kinds such as medical, dental ,industrial films x-ray film and newspaper lithographic films.

B.W. Recycling will pick up your old x-ray films at your site anywhere in the US and recycle the films in an environmentally friendly manner with almost 0 materials disposed in a landfill. They also provide payment for the silver recovered from your x-rays. Pick-up is free in most cases depending on your location and quantity, please call to find out.




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