Battery World | Oceanside

This location will accept all lead acid batteries including sealed lead acid batteries, UPS batteries, AGM batteries, GEL batteries, industrial batteries, steel case batteries, forklift batteries, and telecommunication batteries.

Bulk pick-up available for businesses or large residential quantities.

FREE pickup is available for loads approximately 1,000 pounds or more. If you bring your batteries or lead to them, they offer a bonus giving you EXTRA cash for your recyclables. Coupon available on website. Call 760-941-7600 for more information.

Give Your Old Batteries a New Life With Their Recharging Services If you have a dead battery that you feel still have life in it, bring it to Battery World and let their team take a look at it. If your battery still has potential, it can be repaired effectively and quickly. Their team has the wherewithal and the knowledge to repair dead batteries that still have some life to give.


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