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Commercial Rebates

Rebates are currently available for premium high-efficiency toilets, urinals, irrigation controllers, sprinkler nozzles, food equipment and more! Check out the website to view the full list of the available commercial rebates.

Water Savings Incentive Program

The Water Savings Incentive Program (WSIP) is designed for non-residential customers improving their water efficiency through upgraded equipment or services that do not qualify for standard rebates. WSIP is unique because it provides an incentive based on the amount of water customers save.

Commercial and Multi-Family Turf Removal Program

Turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants in your landscape. Its high water use and frequent maintenance make it a time-consuming and expensive landscape option. By replacing turf with a California Friendly™ landscape you could save on your water bill, reduce landscape maintenance costs, and show that your organization cares about conserving water.

On-site Retrofit Program

The On-site Retrofit Program will provide financial incentives to property owners who convert potable water irrigation or industrial water systems to recycled water use. This program provides incentives of $195 per acre-foot for five years of estimated water use, up to actual retrofit costs.

Public Agency Landscape Program

To encourage agencies that have not already installed water-efficient landscape equipment to do so, SoCal Water$mart has unveiled the Public Agency Landscape program (PAL), offering enhanced incentives paid up-front for public agencies to install water-efficient landscape devices at their facilities and on their grounds.

For more information and to apply for rebates and programs, please visit the website


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