Electronic Recycling Center, Inc.

We accept e-waste from residents and companies. Sorry, we don’t pick up e-Waste from residents, but residents are welcomed to drop of their e-Waste at our facility. Please note that some things are free to drop off while other electronics or small household appliances may have a small disposal fee. We don’t take large appliances. Call to get answers. If you are a company you can drop off your e-Waste at our facility or perhaps call us for a pick up. But please note that we do require a certain truck load volume. We cannot pick up a few items only- it has to be a truck load. For your information: monitors, T.V.s, computers, desktops, tower cases, laptops, and all kinds of wire or cables are free to drop off. However, other items may have a small disposal fee. Please call to check on recycling disposal fees if you are not certain. Also, we do accept different types of batteries and fluorescent lights for a small disposal fee too. We DON’T take large appliances, furniture, liquids, oil, wood, glass, tires, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, clothing, cars, plastic shopping bags, or smoke detectors.


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