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Spend Less Money to Make Your Home Energy Efficient!

Did you know that most houses lose up to half of their cooled or heated air? In fact, all of the small cracks and leaks in your house could add up to a gap the size of a hula hoop!

Making improvements to your home’s energy efficiency through Energy Upgrade California®  Home Upgrade helps you save energy and money and enhances indoor air quality―making your home more livable and more comfortable. Even simple improvements like sealing leaky ducts, installing a dehumidifier, or installing an efficient heating and cooling system can make a big difference in your home’s comfort and air quality.

By participating in Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade, you can:

Make your home more comfortable in all seasons.

Improve the air quality inside your home for a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Save energy and lower your bills.

Conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gases.

You may be eligible for incentives ranging from $1,000 to $5,500.

For further details about the program, fill out the  interest form.


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