Sherwin Williams – El Cajon (PaintCare Program)

This location will accept latex or oil-based architectural paint or “program products” which are defined as interior or exterior architectural coatings such as stains and varnishes, sold in containers of 5 gallons or less.

They do not accept:

  • aerosol
  • industrial
  • original equipment
  • specialty coatings.

This location will accept paint under the following conditions:

  • The paint must be in its original container
  • the container must be labeled
  • the container must be in good condition and not leaking
  • the container must be five (5) gallons in size or smaller.

Drop-off sites may establish limits on the quantity of products they accept. Generally, the limit in small stores will be lower than in large stores. Please check with the site if you have more than 5 gallons.

In addition to residents, this program is available to trade painters, contractors and other businesses with one restriction: If your business produces more than 27 gallons of hazardous waste per month, you may only use the drop-off sites for your latex paint and not for your oil-based paint. To learn more about the 27 gallon restriction, contact PaintCare or the California Department of Toxic Substances Control at (855) 724-6809.

See the PaintCare website link listed for more information.


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