Free The Girls – Used Bra Drop-Off in Fashion Valley Aerie Store

Our Work

We partner with individuals and organizations to work with survivors of sex trafficking and help answer the question of “What happens next?” We are committed to addressing the circumstances that created the vulnerability towards exploitation in the first place – namely, isolation and poverty. The foundation of our answer is to provide a pathway for the women to lift themselves out of poverty through entrepreneurship and relationships; granting them the capacity to earn a sustainable livable wage while they focus on all others areas of healing. Our most successful initiative to date has been equipping the women in our programs to run and operate their own bra-selling businesses using the new and gently used bras we collect from donors around the world as their inventory.


YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Maybe you have one or a few bras in your drawer that you don’t wear? We accept new and gently used bras in good condition. Bras and the second-hand clothing market provide a safe and powerful economic opportunity for survivors of trafficking in the developing countries we serve. A woman only has to sell 4 bras a day to earn a livable wage.

Where to Donate? Fashion Valley American Eagle & Aerie Store


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