Housing Complaints – Unincorporated Residents

The purpose of the housing program is to ensure safe housing such as rental units in regulated areas of the County. To accomplish this the Food and Housing Division enforces state laws pertaining to sanitation, maintenance, ventilation, and occupancy.

This program does not serve the following cities: Chula Vista, El Cajon, Escondido, Imperial Beach, National City, Oceanside, or San Diego.

Municipality Phone Number Report a Violation
Chula Vista (619) 691-5280 English
Incorporated El Cajon (619) 441-1742 English
Escondido (760) 839-4650 English  en Español
Imperial Beach (619) 628-1358 English
National City (619) 336-4287
Oceanside (760) 435-4500 English
San Diego (619) 236-5500 English  en Español
All Others (858) 505-6903 Email: fhdutyeh@sdcounty.ca.gov


To report a housing complaint (All Others)

Phone: (858) 505-6903

Fax: (858) 505-6998

Email: fhdutyeh@sdcounty.ca.gov

Department of Environmental Health,
Food & Housing Division
Attn: Duty Desk
P.O. Box 129261
San Diego, CA  92112-9261

Housing Disputes

The California Department of Consumer Affairs has published a handbook called “California Tenants: a guide to residential tenants’ and landlords’ rights and responsibilities” that is available on their website.


California Department of Health Services
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