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Be a Zero Hero and Recycle Plastic!

Always check to see what you can recycle through your local curbside collection program.
If you can’t recycle it there, Kroger also offers these easy options for harder-to-recycle items:

HOW: Collect clean & dry plastic films from packaging at home and bring back to bins at the front of stores

WHAT: Plastic Film & Packaging

Grocery & retail shopping bags (remove receipts and remove hard plastic & string handles) Outer package wrapping (toilet paper, paper towels, diapers)
Dry cleaning bags Resealable zipper bags*
News paper sleeves & bags Produce bags*
Shipping materials (shipping envelopes, bubble wrap, air pillows (deflated)) Bread bags*
Case stretch wrap Plastic cereal box liners*

Packaging with instructions to recycle in store drop-off programs
*Recycle these items in EITHER the in-store or mail-in programs




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