La Mesa Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

Services are reserved to residents of the City of La Mesa and the City of Lemon Grove only. 

Household hazardous waste and electronic waste is accepted.


Drop off by appointment only. Collection days are scheduled 8 times per year at 8184 Commercial Street, La Mesa, CA 91942. Proof of residency is required.

Pick up is available for residents who are home-bound. City of La Mesa residents can call EDCO at (619) 287-5696 ext. 4270 to schedule a pick up. City of Lemon Grove residents who are 65+ or home-bound may call Stericycle Environmental at 1 (800) 714-1195 for a free pick up.

Hours of operation:

-One Saturday every other month by appointment only. Call EDCO at (619) 287-5696 ext. 4270 to schedule an appointment, or find out the next available appointment date on the website.

Maximum Transportation Limits: 

-15 gallons of liquid or 125 pounds total volume of household hazardous waste.

Handling instructions:

-Leave products in the existing container, if possible.

-Ensure lids are on tight so containers will no leak.

-Transport containers in the trunk or in the back of the vehicle away from passengers and pets

-Do not transport over 15 gallons or 125 pounds at one time.

-Containers used for transport must be no larger than a 5 gallon bucket.

Other requirements:

-Bring proof of residency in the form of a drivers license or a utility bill.

-Gasoline needs to be in an approved container, commonly found at auto parts stores. Please note, containers are not returned.

-Needles/sharps should be transported in a rigid, puncture-resistant, tightly-sealed container, including: bleach bottles, liquid detergent bottles, or coffee cans with lids.

-Empty containers can be recycled in your blue bin.


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