Miramar Greenery

The greenery accepts recyclable green waste to produce mulch, compost and wood chips that are available to City of San Diego’s residents. No succulents, palm trees, or invasive plants allowed.

Acceptable Yard Trimmings:

Leaves & Flowers

Tree Trimmings & Prunings

Logs & Branches

Shrubbery & Brush

Christmas Trees

Acceptable Wood:

Pallets & Dimensional Lumber

Unpainted Lumber

For a detailed listing of unacceptable greenery material, please see the Miramar Greenery Unacceptable Materials Flyer .

This facility is closed on the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Customers pay for products at the landfill entrance and pick up materials at the Miramar Greenery after showing their receipt. Those who hand-load mulch or compost need to provide their own tools such as a shovel, container and tarp. Those who paid for compost, wood chips or mulch will have their vehicle loaded by one of the Greenery equipment operators. All vehicles must have their loads covered. It is advised to bring and wear a dust mask while loading and spreading the material.

Please call the Miramar Landfill at 858-694-7000 to confirm availability on a particular day.


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