Miramar Office Furniture – Office Liquidation

This location will take office furniture in good condition, including filing cabinets and drawers, desks, chairs etc.

For a free estimate for office liquidation in San Diego and Southern California, or to schedule a liquidation or relocation appointment, contact with the following information:

Photographs of the items to be liquidated are preferable

Descriptions and quantities of the items

Location and destination of items

Contact information

The following is a list of projects we are familiar with; however, Miramar Liquidators is always ready to tackle liquidation jobs of any size with our professional expertise and extensive experience in the liquidation of any space.

Property managers with abandoned furniture

Laboratories with scientific equipment or sensitive medical records and files

Schools with excess desks, chairs, and related classroom equipment

Hotels in the process of upgrading or redesigning interior landscapes and hotel room furniture

Government spaces and related liquidation needs

Auction houses with excess or unclaimed inventory


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