Ocean View Growing Grounds – Mountain View (Food2Soil Hub)

Food2Soil programs make composting accessible and affordable for all San Diegans

Two options are available at this location:

NEIGHBORHOOD DROP-OFF HUBS: For individuals who may not have the time or space to compost on their own. Please see link for program information.

  • Subscription Plan: NO SETUP FEE. $15/month billed automatically on a quarterly basis to your credit card or ACH
    1. a fixed subscription-based composting program for households who generate a steady volume of scraps each week and for those who want the convenience of dropping off in their neighborhood
    2. Drop-offs available: ANYTIME DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS
  • Bucket Drop Plan: $10 INITIAL COST FOR STARTER KIT + ​​$5/bucket charged each time you drop off a bucket for composting
    1. a pay-per-use composting program for individuals who generate small amounts of scraps and for those who prefer consolidating their scraps so they have to make fewer drop-offs
    2. Drop-offs available: SATURDAYS 9-11 AM 

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