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Paktech uses 100% recycled plastic to make can holders. They are made of High Density Polyethylene (#2 HDPE), one of the more commonly accepted plastics in curbside recycling programs. Although Paktechs are made of a recyclable material, they are rarely picked up or read correctly by the sorting systems at Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs).

As a solution, the PakTech recycling program is working with the San Diego Brewcycling Collaborative to set up drop off Paktech stations at local breweries in San Diego County. Find your closest drop off center and properly dispose of your can handles in order for them to be recycled and repurposed, have a third life as park benches, and even produce new PakTech handles for future use.
For more information and to find your closest drop off center please visit:

The San Diego Brewcycling Collaborative is a volunteer-based organization that is offering breweries and distilleries in San Diego County an opportunity to positively impact the environment by providing them with a better system to sort and recycle the waste they generate. For more information visit:


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