Rainwater Harvesting Rebate for City of San Diego Residents – Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters are used on your home to divert rainwater away from your property in an effort to protect your roof and foundation from rainwater accumulation. But did you know Rain Gutters are also used to divert rainwater into a green space, your landscape or rain barrel which can naturally filter out pollutants which may end up in our storm drains.

Rebates for new gutters are $1.25 for every linear foot of aluminum gutter, $2.00 for every linear foot of steel
gutters and $0.25 for every linear foot of PVC/vinyl/plastic gutter, up to 250 feet.

Only the cost of the gutter is eligible for a rebate.

Rebates for rain barrels and downspout redirects are also available. Visit the City of San Diego website for more info.


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