Ridwell Recycling Service

There is currently a wait list to bring Ridwell to San Diego.  Visit https://www.ridwell.com/join/san-diego to sign up.


Ridwell makes it easy to recycle, reuse and donate the items you no longer need. You collect; we pick it up. Then, we work with local partners to put all that stuff to good use.


How it works

Our members receive a Ridwell bin and clearly marked bags for collecting their used items. Bins and overflow bags are picked up bi-weekly.

What exactly do we take? Ridwell focuses on four core categories: plastic bags and film, batteries, lightbulbs, and threads (like shoes and clothes).

There’s also a featured category that rotates every two weeks. It might be eyeglasses one week and bike tires a few weeks later. And, yes, we’ll let you know in advance!


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