Smart & Final – CRV In-Store Redemption Center – El Cajon

This Smart & Final Location offers CRV Redemption. Bring in up to 50 cans. 50 plastic bottles, and 50 glass containers for CRV redemption.


CalRecycle’s website notifies Californians of local retailers who are obligated to offer CRV redemption in-store when there is no buyback center nearby.

Beverage dealers, retailers that sell CRV beverages, share an obligation to ensure convenient redemption opportunities for consumers.  If a beverage dealer is located in an “unserved Convenience zone” and there is no recycling center nearby, these retailers are required to either redeem CRV material in-store (Option A), or opt to pay a fee of $100 per day (Option B).

View a list of “Option A” dealers.

The most efficient and effective way to lodge a complaint against a recycling center or an Option A retailer and initiate a CalRecycle inspection of that entity is by emailing your name, phone number, a brief summary of the issue, and the name and address of the subject of your complaint to:


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