San Diego County Sheriff’s Pine Valley Substation


Medications in standard containers may be deposited in collection boxes. Loose medication can be put into plastic bags available at the collection box and then deposited. Please ensure any liquid medication is enclosed in secure containers before depositing.

Once collected, evidence staff will ensure the medication is disposed of according to federal standards. Most prescription drug drop-off locations are open weekdays from 8am to 5pm. Call the station’s non-emergency number for hours.


Make sure sharps are stored in a sharps container kit or in a rigid, puncture-resistant, tightly-sealed container, including: bleach bottles, liquid detergent bottles, or coffee cans with lids. Containers should be no larger than 2 liters or 1/2 gallon.

Do not put in: paper or plastic bags, glass containers, cardboard or coated paper containers, plastic bottles that have a CRV (California Redemption Value), or milk jugs.

The sharps/needles drop box is located outside the station and the medication drop box is located inside the station and is only open during office station hours.

To confirm drop off location and program details, call station’s non-emergency number at (619) 938-8400.


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