Sharps Drop-off Kiosk – Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Station


Make sure sharps are stored in a sharps container kit or in a rigid, puncture-resistant, tightly-sealed container, including: bleach bottles, liquid detergent bottles, or coffee cans with lids. Containers should be no larger than 2 liters or 1/2 gallon.

Do not put in: paper or plastic bags, glass containers, cardboard or coated paper containers, plastic bottles that have a CRV (California Redemption Value), or milk jugs.

The drop-off bin for sharps is located outside on the east parking lot side of the station.

Station non-emergency number: (619) 479-2346


Additional safe disposal locations and information can be found here.


Please note that we do not have the proper facilities in place to accept expired medications. To properly dispose of expired medications, please contact your pharmacy or local police department.

Bonita Fire Department Sharp Kiosk Location Map


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