Materials received for Electronics Recycling will be dismantled and shredded to refine for base commodities such as; steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit boards, etc.

Computer Parts and Accessories:

• Desktop, tower or server cases (empty or not)
• Motherboards, loose cards and CPUs, RAM sticks, fans, power supplies, and heat sinks
• Peripherals such as; monitors, keyboards, mice, scanners, and printers
• Drives of all kinds (hard disks, floppy, CD, ZIP, Syquest, magneto-optical, tape, etc.)
• Networking equipment such as hubs, switches, routers, cords, and cables
• CD-ROM or DVD disks

Office Materials:

• Telecommunication Equipment
• Photocopiers, fax machines, and calculators
• Cell phones and accessories Manufacture/Manufacturing Excess/Surplus
• Electronic components and parts – surplus/obsolete
• Plastic, fibers, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals Home Entertainment:
• Televisions (CRTs), VCRs, and DVD players
• Stereo equipment
• Digital cameras and camcorders
• Video game consoles and accessories
• Satellite dishes and systems
• Small Household Appliances: toasters, blenders, coffee makers, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc

Call center to verify accepted items and drop off hours


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