Walgreens – Oceanside (Cannon Rd)

Simply bring your unwanted, unused or expired medication to a Walgreens safe medication disposal kiosk and drop it in—just like putting a letter in a mailbox.


Medications in standard containers may be deposited in collection boxes. Loose medication can be put into plastic bags available at the collection box and then deposited. Please ensure any liquid medication is enclosed in secure containers before depositing. Once collected, staff will ensure the medication is disposed of according to federal standards.

Accepted items: Not accepted items:
Prescription medications, ointments & patches Needles & thermometers
OTC medications, ointments, lotions & liquids Hydrogen peroxide
Pet medications *Vitamins Illegal drugs
Aerosol Cans


Please remove all labels and any identifying information from containers before disposing at this location

All Walgreens pharmacies that do not currently offer a safe medication disposal kiosk now offer DisposeRx® packets or other drug disposal options* available upon request in the pharmacy at no cost. Visit DisposeRx.com to learn more.


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