Waste Management Recycling Center – Oceanside

Redeemable Items

  • California Refund Value (CRV) aluminum cans
  • CRV glass bottles
  • CRV plastic bottles
  • CRV bi-metal cans
  • newspaper

Donation Items

  • non-CRV aluminum
  • non-CRV glass
  • non-CRV plastic
  • tin cans
  • white ledger paper
  • computer paper
  • mixed paper
  • corrugated cardboard


  • TVs, laptop computers, computer monitors or other items with cathode ray tubes (CRTs) can be disposed of for free; other e-waste such as fax machines or stereos can be safely disposed of for 50 cents per pound


  • Household batteries
  • For Oceanside residents only: oil filters, used motor oil and antifreeze (proof of residence in Oceanside required)
  • Household sharps like syringes and lancets (properly packaged for disposal)

Unacceptable Items

  • Hhousehold hazardous waste (see the HHW Web page for additional information)
  • Flourescent light tubes and other universal waste (see the HHW Web page for additional information)
  • medical waste

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