Zara – Clothing Collection Program (Fashion Valley)

Located: First Floor (Men’s Section) – to the left of check-out counters


Do the items have to be from Zara?
No they do not. You can donate any kind of clothing or fabrics you wish to recycle.
Can I donate other products such as footwear or accessories?
Yes. You may include any kind of clothing, household linens, footwear, accessories, and even jewelry.
Can I donate clothes that are not in perfect condition?
Yes. The collected clothing is sorted prior to being reused or recycled. Items of clothing that are 100% cotton, wool, or polyester can be recycled into new fabric. The remaining garments will be converted into construction or automotive materials. Items that cannot be reused or recycled because of health or safety reasons or due to the quality of their materials are subjected to a rigorous waste management process.

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